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Welcome to SurvivalistWiki

This is a collection of Wilderness Survival, Emergency Preparedness, and Self Sufficiency articles. Users are welcome to edit articles to improve them, or add their own articles that pertain to their expertise.

Originally put together by Dustin from the forums as, we have resurrected this user-edited survival encyclopedia for the entire survivalist community.

There are 751 Articles

SurvivalistWiki Guidelines

The SurvivalistWiki is a place for tutorials and verifiable information. Stick to facts, preferably with external links to back the article up.

There is more than one way to accomplish any given goal, so articles may be written that advocate different approaches. This does not make one approach 'wrong' or 'right'. So instead of saying that every survivalist must do X, just outline the pros and cons of the method, and describe the situation it is trying to improve.

If you wish to include personal anecdotes or opinions in an Article, please keep them to a limited "This works for me" level. Posting about something you heard once from a friend's brother-in-law is probably isn't a good idea.

The SurvivalistWiki is not a forum for discussions or debates. If you want to participate in a discussion board, try or Frugal Squirrel or see Links section.

On Using Outside Material

If you need to use outside material, please try and get permission to use that material. If you would like me to step in and talk to said people, I will be happy to. This goes for images, and directly copied material. If you cannot reach someone, at least put a link to site of the material you've used. We haven't had any problems, just trying to head it off before it does happen.

Thank you.


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